Genesis Roadmap Call

Joining the Call

On the third Tuesday of every month, we hold a conference call to discuss the Genesis project, and its overall direction. Topics include latest news, development progress, and future direction.

The next Genesis Roadmap Call is
Tuesday, September 17th at 11:00am EDT.

We use zoom:

You can also call in (the Meeting ID is 716 555 1212):

Calls are not recorded.

Agenda for September 17th, 2019

  1. Introductions

  2. Announcements

    • Blogs and Docs and Blogs and Docs!
    • Recent Releases
    • Upcoming Releases
  3. Development Progress Update

  4. Open Forum

August 20th, 2019

These are the notes from our second community call, held at 11:00am EDT on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019.

New Kit Releases

BOSH kit v1.5.0 was released on September 6th, 2019, and brings with it a full complement of component software updates. Notably, BOSH itself is now at version 270.5.0, which is the latest as of today.

This release of BOSH deprecates some of the backwards-compaitibility with regards to naming attributed in manifest files, so a lot of other kits got updated to accommodate. If you want to run this, you are highly encouraged to follow suit with your other kit deployments either before, or directly after.

At a minimum, you'll need to run the following versions:

Concourse kit v3.8.0 was released on September 15th, 2019. Notably, it upgrades to version 5.5.1 of Concourse, which has some nice quality-of-life improvements in the UI and worker areas.

Jumpbox kit v1.0.5 was released on September 13th, 2019. This release primarily includes updates to the OpenVPN component, and software bundled through the corresponding Jumpbox BOSH Release.

Blacksmith kit v0.5.0 was released on September 11th, 2019, bringing with it a new Kubernetes Forge for deploying Kubernetes clusters on-demand. The Genesis Team is currently using this in the Stark & Wayne hardware lab to investigate new ways to break Kubernetes clusters, in an ongoing effort to containerize more. (We talk more about this in a bit).

Upcoming Releases

We are in the thick of bringing the Cloud Foundry deployment up to a more recent vintage. We are currently targeting mid-summer 2019 versions of all components, but because the upstream project moves quickly and breaks things regularly, we are proceeding cautiously. If anyone wants to assist in the testing of pre-release version of the kit, please shout out in the #help channel in Slack.

Moving to Container Deployments

(This was an open discussion)

August 20th, 2019

These are the notes from our first ever community call, held at 11:00am EDT on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019.

The Website

Our website (this website!), just got a snazzy new redesign. Now that the day-to-day annoyance of modifying the website content is more well-in-hand, the team expects to start putting up more and more blog posts and documentation!

Blogs, Blogs, and More Docs!

The Genesis Team has been putting forth a concerted effort to write more approachable "first timer" content to get people interested in deploying Cloud technology like CF, BOSH, and Kubernetes into the Genesis mindset.

Hopefully, by the time of our next Communty Call (September 17th), we'll have something more concrete to show off.

Cloud Foundry Genesis Kit

Work continues on keeping the CF Genesis Kit up-to-date with the most recent stable cf-deployment upstream. Our strategy with CF has been to follow the upstream cf-deployment from the community, but discriminate in what we ingest to keep with our vision of Cloud Foundry structure.

CI/CD Pipelines

For those interested, James showed off the internal CI/CD pipelines that the Genesis Team uses for release engineering, and talked about the specific challenges facing testing at-scale with so many different feature flags, IaaS features, and user preferences.

Concourse v5.4.0 Released!

Lastly (but certainly not leastly) the Concourse Genesis Kit was updated to Concourse v5.4.0! 🎉