GMP-BOSH-0001 - BPM Release Collision


With this release (v1.3.0), we're moving more components over to using pre-compiled releases. However, their version numbers have not changed for some of the releases from the previous kit version(as they represent the same version of the software, just precompiled). This causes the manifest release version specification methods we typically rely on to not upload the new versions of the release if a source version of that release version is already in your BOSH director. This causes release->stemcell mismatches. In short, you'll need to upload these releases yourself.


This won't break anything in your system. You'll likely just fail to deploy initially. You may see a message such as:

Can't use release 'bpm/0.12.3'. It references packages without source code and are not compiled against stemcell 'bosh-vsphere-esxi-ubuntu-xenial-go_agent/170.16':

 - 'bpm/d139b63561eaa3893976416be9668dea539bf17d'

 - 'golang/27413c6b5a88ea20a24a9eed74d4b090b7b88331'

The Process

bosh upload-release --sha1 54fbf8e2ecf14c69ee761ddde0624edd228ac478

Help & Support

If you have concerns about the impact of this migration process, or need assistance running through it, please don't hesitate to find us in #help on Slack.