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Genesis v2.8.0

New Features

Breaking Changes


Better Support for using BOSH create-env

Kit Overrides by Environment



And in an inheritting file:

``` kit: overrides:

Improved Kit Behaviour

Better BOSH Config Management

Messaging / Error Handling / Debugging

Bug Fixes

Internal Changes/Improvements

BOSH Refactor

Functionality Improvement


Structure / Maintainability

Download v2.8.0

Genesis v2.7.35

Bug Fix

Download v2.7.35 from Github

Genesis v2.7.34


Requirement Updates

Bug Fixes

Download v2.7.34 from Github

Genesis v2.7.33

New Feature


Bug Fixes

Download v2.7.33 from Github

Genesis v2.7.32


Download v2.7.32 from Github

Genesis v2.7.31


-Can now update subject, SAN, and usage of vault-stored certificates without generating a new key with genesis rotate-secrets --renew This allows users to correct warnings that show up in the check during deployment without breaking mutual TLS. (Note this will also renew the TTL for the certificates)

Download v2.7.31 from Github