Genesis v2.6.12

Bug Fixes

  • CI pipelines no longer bail out when trying to determine their BOSH alias, because of some unfortunate interactions.
Download v2.6.12 from Github

Build From Source

... we're still working on this one ...

Older Genesis Releases

SHIELD v2.6.11


  • Kits can now check that the required number of static_ips in each network are available using the cloud_config_needs static_ips <network_name> <count>
Download v2.6.11 from Github

SHIELD v2.6.10

Bug Fixes

  • Accessing a Vault over HTTP/2 now works. Previously our regex was strictly checking for HTTP/x.x connections. We've losened it to look for HTTP/x.x or HTTP/x.

  • Genesis concourse pipelines now downloads the cloud configuration from the bosh director. Previously, pipelines would fail to deploy because the deploy didn't have a cloud-config to base spruce merges off of.

  • Genesis now ensures that GENESIS_CALLBACK_BIN is a fully-qualified path.

Download v2.6.10 from Github

SHIELD v2.6.9

Bug Fixes

  • genesis embed now properly handles packed (2.6+) genesis distributions, and instead of just copying the extracted driver script, now embeds the packed archive binary. This makes the pipelines a lot happier.

  • genesis repipe now properly hides / unhides pipelines per configuration. All this talk of pipelines and we misspelled piepline.

Download v2.6.9 from Github

SHIELD v2.6.8


  • Certificates in kit.yml can now have subject alt names that are optional, using the new ${} syntax. If isn't found in the environment file(s) then that SAN entry will be skipped entirely.

    This allows Kit Authors to generate certificates with user-provided external domains, optionally.

Download v2.6.8 from Github

SHIELD v2.6.7

Bug Fixes

  • Handle proxy-injected headers when downloading assets via curl. Some proxies will give back provisional, non-3xx responses to indicate that they are connecting to the requested resource. This no longer confounds genesis.
Download v2.6.7 from Github

SHIELD v2.6.6

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with some older kits validating against vault paths and keys.

  • genesis do ... message of "Running addon for " now prints to STDERR so addon output can be safely piped to other commands.

Download v2.6.6 from Github

SHIELD v2.6.5


  • Improved lookup command to be able to handle accessing array elements by index or by element hash match (ie myarray[somekey=specific-value])

Bug Fixes

  • Restored vaulted() subroutine: fixes error in vault_path and vault_path_and_key validation.
Download v2.6.5 from Github