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Genesis v2.7.10


The --cloud-config|--cc and --runtime-config|--rc have been streamlined into a single --config|-c with backwards compatibility to the existing -c (for cloud config). You can now specify named configs as such:

-c [type[@name]=]/path/to/config.yml

If type is not given, it is assumed cloud, and likewise if name is not given, it is assumed to be the unnamed default config for the given type.

-c can be specified multiple times to specify multiple configs. It does not error check that you haven't specified the same type and name multiple times, so that's on you to ensure you're not doing that.

Bug Fixes

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Genesis v2.6.18

New Feature: groups in pipeline config

It supports grouping in pipeline config file, genesis repipe will generate groups accordingly.

Download v2.6.18 from Github